What if you can design your Power Electronics with a thermally conductive thermoplastic?



New Thermally Conductive Compound, Coolmagplast TM  

COOLMAGPLAST is a thermally conductive, electrically non-conductive PA6 based flame retardant grade.
COOLMAGPLAST is lightweight, net-shape moldable and allows design freedom in applications previously
restricted to metals and ceramics.
COOLMAGPLAST combines thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in standard pellet form suitable for
thermoplastic injection molding and other processes (e.g. extrusion). COOLMAGPLAST is a thermally
conductive designed for Power Electronics in Automotive, especially in Electrified Vehicles with a quadruple

1. Heat Transfer, reduction of hot spots and minimising the average temperature of systems.
2. Electric Isolation.
3. Mechanical protection.
4. Flame and fire protection.


Metal replacement / Electrical Management / Design flexibility and efficiency

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Temperature and Heat management in Power Electronics for EVs

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CoolMag™ Sample

Request a sample to test CoolMag's thermal compound and prove how well it protects your power electronic components from overheating.


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