Since we started back in 2020, we have been collaborating with our customers in order to include thermal management as a strategic stand-out element within their R+D & design stages and helping them during the hole process (prototype and production).

It’s crucial not only to be aware of the different applications methods and thermal management basics (3D heat dissipation, air=evil, thermal conductivity & diffusivity values, etc.)  but also, to analyze and replace every single element that it’s negatively contributing to the global thermal management challenge.

And plastics are one the best thermally isolating materials & commonly used in power electronics. For that reason, Coolmag we have developed, a brand new PA6 based flame retardant thermoplastic compound: CoolmagPlast




What is CoolmagPlast?

The COOLMAGPLAST combines thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in standard pellet form suitable for thermoplastic injection molding and other processes (e.g., extrusion), allowing design freedom in applications previously restricted to common plastics and even metals, like coil bobbins, battery packs or electronic enclosures.

COOLMAGPLAST is lightweight, net-shape moldable and allows design freedom in applications previously restricted to metals and ceramics and has a quadruple functionality:

    1. Heat Transfer, reduction of hot spots and minimizing the average temperature of systems.
    2. Electric Isolation
    3. Mechanical protection.
    4. Flame and fire protection




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