Protect your power electronics with a highly advanced thermal compound


CoolMag™ is a thermally conductive composite PDMS based elastomeric compound of encapsulant two component system, designed for Power Electronics in Automotive, especially in Electrified Vehicles with multiple functionalities:

• Heat Transfer, reduction of hot spots and minimising average temperature of systems.
• Electric Isolation
• Mechanical protection.
• Flame and fire protection (Retardant and Extinction)

CoolMag™ is designed to provide thermal conductivity, electrical safety, hazard protection, mechanical and fire protection for electronic encapsulating applications.

Kit CoolMag™

Request this Easy-to-use Kit to test CoolMag's thermal compound and prove how well it protects your power electronic components from overheating. The kit includes:

1 Gun / 1 Cartridge / 3 Mixing tip

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Temperature and Heat management in Power Electronics for EVs

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