Technical datasheet: CoolMag™ 32

COOLMAG 32 is a thermally conductive composite PDMS-based elastomeric compound of encapsulant two-component system, designed for Power Electronics in Automotive, especially in Electrified Vehicles.

CoolMag™ 32 has all properties of RT PDMS xylene compounds with x7 higher thermal conductivity and x10 thermal diffusivity than silicones, making allowing high heat transfer at low temperature with fast stabilization of temperatures thus minimizing hot spots in transients.


  • Low stress: performs low shrinkage and reduce stress on components as it cures.
  • Durable: it will not depolymerize when heated in confined spaces.
  • Environmentally Resistant: Excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • Flame retardant: COOLMAG 32 provides excellent flame retardancy; UL 94 V-O.

Discover all about this thermally conductive compound in this technical data sheet!

Coolmag 29

CoolMag™ Sample

Request a sample to test CoolMag's thermal compound and prove how well it protects your power electronic components from overheating.


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