INTERVIEW | Keys to enter the automotive and power electronics industry

INTERVIEW WITH XAVIER MIRABET – Keys to enter the automotive and power electronics industry

2022 will be remembered as a key year in all industries. After the pandemic, digitalization in all aspects of life has pushed us to create innovative solutions, which have helped us to adapt, both in terms of operation, optimization and design.

In this interview, Xavier Mirabet, business development manager, explains the keys to enter the automotive and power electronics industry, proposing a powerful, solid, innovative project that allows us to be at the forefront.

How did the Coolmag story begin?

Coolmag started through Kadion, a chemical distributor that was born 25 years ago. This distributor worked and still works with paints, resins, pigments, etc.

About 4 years ago Kadion was challenged by a company dedicated to power electronics.

What did this company ask you for?

This company asked us for a new thermal resin for a power electronics element (a shock) which they needed to be much smaller and at the same time, allow them to reduce costs, since they could not find any product that was able to manage the temperature.

How did you know how to start developing it?

They provided us with technical requirements, and our R&D team got down to work and came up with a solution that solved the needs of this client with a very disruptive resin, allowing them to reduce the size of the designs and devices, increase the life time of the device and, in short, make it much more durable. That’s when Coolmag and its entire structure was created.

What was the first product shipped to market and what impact did it have?

The first Coolmag product to be released to the market was the Coolmag 29 LV. This was during the pandemic and thermal management of electronic devices was the order of the day because of mass digitization, so the reception was very good, as temperature management was and still is today one of the bottlenecks in the electric vehicle sector.

What sectors are you most focused on?

We are very focused on the automotive sector (OFF Board chargers and batteries), power electronics in general, OBC’S, and any industry where there is a thermal problem.

What is your future goal as a company?

Our forecast is to grow and position ourselves as a leading company not only in the manufacture of potting products, but also in a comprehensive business model that helps us to manage everything that involves power electronics and temperature. Not only at the level of thermal products, since we also work with magnetic properties and different types, but also in application to provide customers with comprehensive solutions ranging from prototype design to product application and subsequent industrialization of the process.

What do you focus on to achieve this?

Shortening times, efficiency and flexibility. In electric vehicle electronics, response times are increasingly shorter and efficiency is more important, since the customer wants and needs to obtain results in much less time. We need to find products that have the maximum thermal conductivity with the best properties, taking into account viscosity, electrical resistance, practically zero electrical conductivity, and above all, to be very present in this market.


“The product idea must be powerful, solid and innovative, and it must contribute to an existing need for a customer. If there is no interest, your product is a dead end.”

Xavier Mirabet, International Business Development Director



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